Radiating out of the San Francisco Bay is Eye’z, a dynamic singer,
pianist and actress with versatility, flair and finesse. Versed in the
genre of Pop she began her musical journey at the tender age of 4.
Influenced by artistes like Aaliyah, Johnny Mathis, Fats Waller,
Little Richard, Judy Garland and Michael Jackson, Eye’z crafted her
own unique style. Motivated to attain success, she refined her
skills by studying music, piano and acting at fine art schools across
the San Francisco bay area.
Eye’z went on to release a number of tracks including, “Go for it”
and “Levitating” remix) which was featured on Bongo Boy Records
compilations and “Dedicated” which was re released on Vol. XI. Her
diverse artistry of stayin true to her roots and embracing the mo-
dernity of music landed her a record deal with Bentle Records.
Unabatedly, Eye’z compelling persona trickles through her music
and forms a deep long lasting connection with the audience.
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