In case you havnt noticed, nowadays most rappers sound the same. Same style beats, same flow, and even same lyrical content. Well i’m here to yell you that tharealswagg’s music is a breath of fresh air. He’s got originality, fire lyrics, and a style all his own. If u havent heard his new hit single “Dirty Cash” ft. Tommy Burnz, then you aren’t feeling the new wave. You can find the video on Youtube or you can hit up Soundcloud for the audio version.
Tharealswagg is a native tampa rapper originally from West Point Mississippi, whos music is being called the new wave  because of its originality and futuristic style. The Dirty Cash video gives you an insight on a typical night for tharealswagg, rappin, trappin, and most importantly making that dirty cash. The video was shot in his own city, Tampa, and the visuals are amazing. But the visuals only compliment his witty and raw lyrics. If you like trap music then dirty cash should be on your playlist.