Check Out youngLA New Music

Check Out youngLA New Music
Here’s a quick peak at an exclusive that’s due for release in March by none other than youngLA with a track entitled…
He has managed to land himself a feature for this masterpiece of a track from who he says, is one of his top 5 favourite rappers and childhood inspirations in music and whom also played a roll in him wanting to rap and make a career from music…Mic Righteous!!! youngLA says Mic Righteous is in his top 5 because of his content being so relatable and meaningful with his way he tells a story and projects many emotions.
youngLA – “He’s a real rapper, legendary when it comes to flows and legendary when it comes to being a lyricist!”
“It is an absolute dream come true to have a track with him!”
Keep your eyes on LA as he promises to reveal more of his plans for 2023 very soon.
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