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Bentley Records just grant me 2 more years with them with their Gold Card Artist, i’m now with you the gang #Bentleygang for a moment and I’ll promise that I’ll produce High quality songs and NFTs to make sales indeed but to keep very good memories with the label !.

An EP named “IJTB” will probably be released by year-end this December for Holydays to conclude the year.

I have since 2021 created a gang but the members desisted because not motivated, if you motivated to join a crew of rappers like the Migos you are welcome to join my gang, but we will not do Trap rather Rap and its variants.

To finish I have a Telegram group about my Music NFTs you can there discuss about improvements, investments, promotions and so on, the group have rules like these ones:
– Never do SPAMs messages
– Do not insult persons inside the group
– Do not promote violence, guns, sex, Criminals activities on it
That’s all.

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