Check Out Our Artist Crysis 89

Check Out Our Artist Crysis 89
And off we go for 2021…

Press Release
Bentley Records announces the release of a brand-new single from one of their own artist from Barbados. Having just started the year off with signing to the New York based label , Crysis 89 is excited to start off 2021 with a bang! With his lead single”Never Beg Dem”, Crysis 89 wants to brings Bajan Dancehall music onto a worldwide scale. Of note, He started singing from a very young age after witnessing his two older brothers freestyling in the late 90’s. From that day he knew he wanted to do muisc. He is very passionate about his caribbean culture and island lifestyle, so it is only natural for him to showcase it in his music.
To bring out the magic in the song, Crysis 89 teamed up with Barbadian local producers extraordinaires Swayne”Cjuh Musique” Boyce and Justin “Supatronic” Harris , whom he has started working with from mid last year, to bring you a dancehall beat that will literally make you jump and sing along. We have come to expect smooth,laidback vocals and genius wordplay from Crysis 89 and he promises to deliver it each and everytime. The lyrics are inspirational and full of personal struggles when he sings the chorus: “Me never beg dem for a sponsor,repect is what Crysis long for, Even if I crawl on my belly to get where i’m going to conquer,Shot ah buss,buss ah blank blanka…..
To add panache and ensure that this song gets the endorsement of the streets, Crysis 89 called on the services of another Barbadian danchall artist Spicebackk. His delivery on the track is effortless as he rhymes: “Jah(God) know say we na beg friend,nuff of dem fake,nuff of dem ah pretend, Raybans on me ah see through the lens….Crysis 89 and Spicebackk have that conscious and street sense vibe and we hope they do more songs together.
“Nah Beg Dem” (Audio) will be released on March 18th 2021 and will be available on Barbadian/Caribbean digital platforms and on all major digital distribution channels (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify etc.)

“This is my first official single release. I am excited to see what the fans will think of it. I cannot wait to start working on the music video to show you a visual presentation of my beautiful Island Barbados ” Crysis 89 .

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