Check Out Lou'is vonne Music

Check Out Lou’is vonne Music
Street NiGGa Smile to (not to much) dig Dhat dade County trenches✅ originally from Gould’s Fl, a small city based in Miami raised with
No (mom or Dad) his Grandmother Sessions took him in raised to the best of her Ability I can say she did well even tho he managed jail time….
Learning process meaning Stronger as being there for the kids in putting what I love to do best is MUSIC at 5yrs old i always had the will to get througH I’m hungry in want STOP after getting off probation in 2019 (Lou’is Vonne) in knowing his grandad played in the K.C sunshine band in the 80s and 90s has put special focus on an Uppcoming rap career loosing his mom at 5 was long life learned #Starttocomplete now >HUNGRY_IS_WHAT_HE_CALL_IT<
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