Check Out IL Boi Interview

How did the journey with music start?

My journey with music started young when I was teenager I was an intern at hot 97.5fm radio station in Atlanta.

How did 1$t One Million remix catch your ear?

1$t One Million Remix caught my ear when I heard the beat. It immediately made me start vibin. 

How is the hip-hop scene in Atlanta?

Hip hop scene in ATLANTA is Huge and is always evolving. Its has more positive energy than any other city when it comes to hustling music

How can we stay up to date and tap in with you?

Stay up to date with me by following me on all social media @djbabyslimm. I’m on a podcast every Tuesday called Infamous play podcast on youtube and all streaming platforms. I’m on 89.3FM in ATL every Friday morning 3am-6am.

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