Check Out "Adaeze Cornelia Anane" Giveaway

Check Out “Adaeze Cornelia Anane” Giveaway

Guess what Ya’ll! Adaeze Anane, Adaeze Cornelia Anane, Cosplayer Gloomy Moon Child or Ada would like your fan mail! She will be doing competitions and giving away free fan gear to whomever sends her the most creative and best fan art. Try your best and you could get $100 dollars worth in fan gear, for free!

Also if you send her a letter with a photo of the picture, t-shirt or album you want her to sign; She will send it back and sign it for you for free!

Send to Adaeze Cornelia Anane’s fan mail address at:

10627 56th Avenue South Seattle Washington 98178

Thanks Ya’ll! Good luck!

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