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Congratulations to the winners of the Tik Tok choreography competition hosted by our artist SSID​

Congratulations to the winners of the Tik Tok choreography competition hosted by our artist @SSID_1Via our new AI platform @bentleyrecordsio

THE WINNERS:🏆@bull_blacks 🇮🇹🥈@diva.illa 🇷🇺🥉@the_collage_freak 🇮🇳

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Tony Goff & The Broken Colours – Press/Media
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Introducing DJ Jon Fisk

Having a professional DJ at your event really adds to the festive atmosphere and creates excitement with everybody having an amazing time and talking about how much fun they’ve had for nights (or even weeks) to come.

I am a professional DJ based in South London, and I bring a fun vibe and a fantastic time to just about any party. I would love to play at your wedding, corporate event, or any themed gathering you are organising.

My commitment and passion for what I do both shine through in my work and the good times I deliver. I’m charismatic and can offer you and your guests a bespoke party experience, playing whatever music you prefer: electro house, house, commercial dance, or any mix of tunes.

I’ve played at top venues all over the country – I DJ’d on Shock Radio at Salford University, and I’m currently DJing on Reaction Radio as a Resident DJ. I have also released my own singles on Beatport, including my biggest worldwide hit so far, ‘Woop’. I have a good number of tracks out on top social media channels as well such as Youtube, MySpace, Soundcloud, and Reverbnation.

If you’d like to give my services a go, all you have to do is get in touch with me so we can talk about details and the next steps. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Introducing Feddy Geez
Where life is tough and the city is dark there is always one diamond in the rough. Freddy Geez Born and raised in the streets of Detroit Michigan. My full focus point is to bring the world a organic new style of Hip hop and Trap music blended together. My music touches a variety of different topics and life situations that most people endure on a daily basis. If you love real bars,metaphors and punchlines this sound created by Freddy Geez and my beat alias known as G.e.e.s.u.s. Tune in and go on a journey in your thoughts and listen to a genius at work
Forgotten One New EP “Sideline Stories” COMING OUT SOON
“Sideline Stories” was created from my past experiences and using the tough times I’ve been through as my fuel for motivation to succeed.  The EP was made to motivate and inspire those who’ve been in my same shoes or anyone who’s been through hard times.  The message is to not let those hard times or bad experiences bring you down, but instead use them to your advantage to inspire you to work hard and succeed!

VOTE FOR Christian Distefano

***********************10 Steps in less than 3 mins*************************

Step 1: click link (image) below Step 2: Click on “Vote” Step 3: Click “Signup ”Upper right hand corner” (Very simple free email and password only no credit card info required)
Step 4: Enter A User Name, Your email and create a password
Step 5: Click “Entries” upper left corner
Step 6: Scroll down look for CDOT01 (Image below)
Step: 7 Watch video (you don’t have to watch full video, but I encourage you too, its damn good !)
 Step 8: Click Vote
Step:9 Copy and paste this message and share the post Step:10 Congratulate YOURSELF for helping an independent artist !





Recordings Feedback:

Amy: Hi, amazing songs! do you have any merch for sale? perhaps T-shirts with your name

Gregory: hey i was browsing for some new good music and came across your wonderful sounds! I’ve just joined your network to recommend your music on my facebook and earn blincoins. Keep in touch!

Chris: I can’t find someone to meditate is no longer a valid excuse. Clarity Meditation is a complete package. Katherine Appelo have strong grip on meditation.At work, commuting or whenever you can let yourself relaxed. I work as Police Detective, where level of stress is extremely high and the meditations really improved my performance at work as well as saved my mental health. It made a huge positive difference in my life. I love the quality, variety, and reliability of Clarity Meditations. I stopped listening other music because it’s been extreme but I found a way where I can relax myself with relaxing words. And I also do the breathing exercises. The body scan is really good, too. I had become allergic to all blood pressure meds this past year, so I needed a way to be able to tone things down so my bp would not rise. This has really helped. This meditation series was a turning point for me in dealing with my problems. I definitely feel the difference in my mind and body after I do one of the session. I am less tense, my mind feels less noisy, and I sleep better. If you suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, or physical problems give this a try. If you believe in it and work the program, it really can help.


“Christopher Vizcarra” FEATURED IN Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine, Power Play Rock & Metal Magazine

Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine (UK, CA. USA, E.U.) – Hall of Fame Band KISS, Ozzy Osbourne Michael Angelo Batio, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Cream, Paul Gilbert, Devin Townsend, and much much more Triple-A Artists are regularly featured.
Power Play Rock & Metal Magazine (UK, CA. USA, E.U.) – Grammy Band DragonForce, Ozzy Osbourne, Poison, Steel Panther, Dream Theater, ChickenFoot, Marty Friedman, Joe Satriani, Yngwie malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Gus G, Ted Nugget, Lamb of God, Guns  & Roses, & Disturbed are only some Triple-A Artists featured regularly.


I was born September 17th, 1999 in Springfield MA but I grew up in CT. What made me get into music was my dad and my (hypothetical) older brother. They used to always rap and it just gave me inspiration, but I didn’t take it serious until I was 17. What inspired me to make beats was the fact that I was tired of using YouTube beats. And the friends I had that made beats always took forever to send them. So in my head I was like “Screw this, I’m gonna learn how to make beats”. So that year for my birthday instead of getting the tattoo I wanted, I got a laptop. And taught myself how to make beats, but I feel other producers taught me how to sample. I’m passionate about my music overall, but I love the producer, behind the scenes aspect way more than I love writing songs and rapping. Bc now and days it seems like everybody can just blow up and become a rapper. But behind every producer there’s so much creativity and originality involved. My favorite producer is hands down Kanye West. I’m talking about college dropout, 2004 Kanye West. Him and that album both play major rolls on me wanting to become a producer. I can’t really choose between Kendrick Lamar or Nas as my favorite rapper though. The biggest goal I have for this is to get a placement with a mainstream artist. What can fans expect from me this year? Meaningful music, connecting with other artist. I may or may not drop a mixtape in the summer. I’m still debating if I want to do that, or put all my time and energy into creating a project like a lp or an album. Advice I have to everyone pursuing music…. Stay patient. Because if you’re heart is all the way into your music it will show, and a label or major artist, people in general will notice. And everything you’ve worked towards will begin to flourish.