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Thursday, March 14, 2024

Check Out "VENUS" New Music

Check Out "VENUS" New Music

Ade Hatta Harahap was born in Bekasi, and descended from Harahap and Indonesia. He started playing piano at the age of 12, [23] but became interested in Electronic Dance

Music when he was 27 years old. [10] He first gained recognition by releasing his Alesso EP in 2021. [9] In early 2020, Sebastian Ingrosso from Monstercat contacted Venus and asked if he wanted to work together. Monstercat introduced him to the DJ and helped him produce songs. [12]

Since then, the Monstercat label has acted as a mentor to VENUS, who called the elder Venusian a "friend". Top Dance/Electronic Albums, Dance/Electronic Albums [11]

Despite having studied for DJs in 2021-2022, VENUS made her debut on the DJ mix song list from the top 23 at number 30 in the same year. [12]

One of the first songs produced by VENUS with the first label Monstercat was the 2021 song titled "Home" which reached number 23 on the Mixcloud charts. [13] The song will later be renamed "Home (prefect human)" with additional features from the label Spinnin Records. [1] The 2021 Audient Remix from "Day Dream" by Audien debuted at # 23 on The Hype Remix and was one of the most widely played EDM songs in 2022. [14]

Since then, his popularity has continued to increase. Monstercat named him one of the "EDM remixes to Watch in 2019", [6] and he recorded Monstercat Radio 20 Mix in May 2021. He played for a crowd of 400,000 on streaming, and accompanied ZERO COOL on his music album on the chosen show NoFace Records. [citation needed] By the end of 2021, VENUS had released an original mix called ZERO COOL's "Album" Top Billboard

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